Diversity In Cycling – BBC London

Mani Arthur and I appeared on Jasmine Dotiwala’s BBC London show The Scene this week to discuss the DIVERSITY IN CYCLING report.

You can see the whole interview, which was filmed for social media as well as broadcast on the radio, here:

The Scene – Black Cyclists Network

The Scene ~ The two club cyclists working towards diversity in cycling and the Black Cyclists Network, Andy Edwards and Mani Arthur join Jasmine to talk about the issue of not having enough BAME people join cycling clubs, the Diversity in Cycling report written by Andy and the creation of the Black Cyclists Network, and the work they are doing with British Cycling

Posted by Jasmine Dotiwala Behind 'The Scene' on Friday, August 2, 2019

Me, Jasmine Dotiwala and Mani Arthur at BBC London for The Scene.