You can contact me by emailing andy … @ … (all joined together).

Or you can connect to me on Linkedin.

Or you can follow on either of my Twitter accounts, @andyedwardsbiz which I use for music business related tweets with a dash of social commentary and political engagement, and /or @andyedwardsster which I use for cycling related tweets, social commentary and a bit of politics, with a small p as I am not currently a member of any political party.

The reason for having two Twitter accounts is a long and winding tale but ultimately down to my own reticence and incompetence in using Twitter in its early days, when people would tweet things like “just popping down to the shops” or “I had a really interesting meeting with so-and-so”. Cycling held little interest for most of my music business friends and music business tweets were – mostly – of not much interest to my cycling friends, unless I was tweeting about someone’s favourite band. So for a variety of reasons I chose to have two accounts. Now that I have gotten the hang of Twitter, a part of me is thinking maybe I should have just one Twitter account, but then another part of me likes the focus of having specific accounts. Perhaps at some point Twitter will let you combine/ consolidate accounts and tweets … who knows, but in the meantime I have two accounts. The music business one has a picture of me at a conference hanging out with some people and the cycling one has a picture of me riding my bike. Hope that clears things up! 🙂 Naturally for the complete picture of my true authentic self you can always follow both accounts.