What They Say

“Great suggestions by the way, you should have been in television … Wilson” — Tony Wilson (RIP), In The City, Factory Records, Granada Television.

“What do I think of Andy? Consistently bang on time, incredibly efficient, highly personable, innovative, creative, sincere, dedicated, connected. Top cat….” — Sumit Bothra, CEO of ATC and manager of PJ Harvey and Katie Melua

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Andy over the last several years. Hardworking, creative, and dedicated and passionate about his clients. He is able to draw on his many years of deep and varied experience in the music industry and is always a pleasure to deal with.” — Robert Cohen, Partner Carroll Guido & Groffman LLP

“Andy currently acts as a business advisor to recipients of the Help Musicians “Do It Differently” awards. He is diligent in his duties and gives great insight and advice to those he supports, thanks to his broad-ranging experience of the music industry. We have received positive feedback about his contribution and his thoughtful, approachable attitude. More widely Andy is a great supporter of the charity and seeks to speak warmly about our work whenever he has the opportunity. We are very grateful to have him on our team and look forward to working together over the long-term.” — James Ainscough, CEO Help Musicians UK.

“I’ve known Andy for a number of years. More recently I invited Andy to become one of several advisors I was tasked with delivering for HMUK’s Do It Differently Fund, in which capacity he has inspired and equipped artists, musicians and composers with strategic direction and grounded advice essential to progressing to their next career stage. Andy absolutely delivers; he is a highly knowledgeable, conscientious and committed individual – a diplomatic people person who would be a real asset to any project, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.” — Jonathan Robinson, Programme Director, Music Tank.

“Andy reported directly to me at tech start-up operating in the music space. I was impressed with his overall performance of managing creative, project management and commercial issues. He was adept at managing client relationships with our artists and their representatives and was proactive in developing both content and revenue opportunities for our roster. He made a particularly valuable contribution in steering our CRM strategy and initiating ticketing and mobile revenue initiatives that proved to be groundbreaking.” — Marc Marot, Chairman Crown Talent Group, formerly President, Island Records

“I have known Andy for many years and have observed his development from a young man with a lot of ideas and energy into a well-rounded, seasoned executive in tune with the digital age. Key to his success has been his ability to build relationships both of a creative and business nature at all levels within the industry. He’s also very proactive, unafraid of risk and ahead of the pack in putting new ideas into practice.” — Tim Clark, founder of ie:music and co-manager of Robbie Williams

“Andy is a creative, hard-working and detail-oriented executive with many years experience in and knowledge of the digital marketing world and music. He is strong on follow-through and negotiating with providers, and would be a great addition to any self-respecting music team who want on-line presence, ideas and flexibility for their artists and projects.” — Jacquie Perryman, Film & TV Consultant, formerly Head of Music Fox TV

“Andy is an endlessly enthusiastic thinker whose detailed knowledge of the digital world means that his value is both creative and realistic. He is also a team player who makes collaboration a genuine pleasure.” — Mike Allen, Former SVP International EMI Music and Warner Music

“I first encountered Andy while I was Editor of Music Week, he asked for my help in researching what was probably one of the first major writings on digital music. His original analysis has proved to be remarkably prescient and Andy also proved adept at initiating and nurturing relationships across all aspects of the music business. Many of these early relationships – including myself – he has retained to this day.” — Steve Redmond, SVP Global Corporate Communications, BMG

“Andy is a great innovator. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the online and mobile world and how to use it for the benefit of artists and of rights owners. It has been my pleasure to work with him.” — Crispin Evans, Legal Consultant, formerly Senior Vice President Universal Music Publishing Group

Andy works with great tenacity and diligence that garners first class results. He was a committed colleague who always delivered what he promised and proved to be an excellent mentor to me in the early stages of my career.  It would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again.— Kevin Moore, General Manager, The Great Escape.

“Andy has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things digital and D2C and takes a creative approach to any situation. He is strong on detail, his solutions are deliverable and he is very strong on follow through. And he is a pleasure to work with.” — Kevin Brown, former Head of Label Relations, Spotify

“I have worked with Andy on a number of corporate projects and on each occasion his involvement has been a big positive. Andy has good commercial awareness and has the interpersonal skills to handle delicate situations. When you combine those qualities with his strong work ethic Andy is a real asset to any project.” — Chris Guy, Corporate Partner Mills Selig Solicitors

“Andy has a strong understanding of the tech world and start-up culture. He is very flexible and willing to pitch in, contributing a variety of skills including product development, marketing and social media.  As someone who is very consumer focused he helped accelerate our sales during the first year of trading. He also supported me on a strategic level, contributing to our business plan and fundraising efforts.  Overall a well rounded and commercially astute individual, and a good guy to work with.” — Richard Davies, Founder Twickets

“It was by chance that we engaged Andy’s services at my company (CSL), but it quickly became evident that his experience within the music business had transferable application to our business of delivering large scale CRM solutions to a blue-chip client base. Andy demonstrated an innate understanding of the role of CRM within the marketing mix and brought a no-nonsense commercial approach on an operational level. His greatest asset was his leadership skills: mobilizing, motivating and mentoring large, diverse teams that consistently exceeded targets.” — Charles Cooper-Driver, Entrepreneur

“Andy Edwards was an early adopter of the recognition that record companies would have to change to meet the challenges of the internet from a distribution and marketing standpoint. His work as this time supported early direct and digital marketing strategies at BMG including the first email and musical preference campaigns that lead to increased awareness of new artists on the BMG roster.” — Tom Curran, Entrepreneur, formerly Head of BMG InterAct

“Andy is one of the sharpest, most-astute and energetic professionals I have ever known. It was great working with him! I recommend him without any hesitation.” — Alex Macdougall, Executive Vice President, Maranatha Music

“Andy and I worked together on a project and I found him a pleasure to deal with, he demonstrated a detailed knowledge of the music industry, a passion for it and enthusiasm for all he does.”— Stuart Botwright FCA, Financial Consultant